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Why Hertz

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Hertz car rental in New Orleans

Reserve your car rental in New Orleans to start discovering the Big Easy and wider Pelican State of Louisiana. Drive down to the French Quarter, park up and experience iconic Bourbon Street, visit the French Market or travel out of the center to stretch your legs at the 1,300-acre City Park while you’re here.

We’re waiting to welcome you when you arrive. Our offices are located across the city center, and you’ll also find our rental desk at Louis Armstrong New Orleans Airport. We can get you on the road and on your way to nearby destinations such as Baton Rouge, which is only one hour, 15 minutes’ drive away.

Check out our range of vehicles online today. We’ve got luxury sedans for business travel, sturdy family SUVs to pack everyone in and sleek sports cars for high octane trips.

Choose your New Orleans rental car online now.

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New Orleans - Signature Flight Support (Private Flights Only)
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New Orleans - I-10 Service Road HLE
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Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
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New Orleans - Convention Center Blvd HLE
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New Orleans - Flightline First FBO (Private Flights Only)
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',"Mon-Fri 8:00AM-5:00PM, Sat-Sun closed","MSYC29",{"35":"N","36":"N","4":"N","18":"N","47":"N","43":"N","17":"N","46":"N","33":"N","52":"N","53":"Y","7":"N","55":"N","6":"Y","5":"Y","30":"N","22":"N","56":"N","1":"N","54":"N","38":"N","2":"N","16":"N","3":"N","60":"N","42":"N","39":"N","25":"N","23":"N","11":"N","51":"N","50":"N","58":"N","37":"N","10":"N","14":"N","34":"Y","26":"N","31":"N","32":"N","8":"N","12":"N","57":"Y","28":"N","13":"N","59":"","49":"N","40":"N","41":"N","21":"N","45":"N","9":"N","20":"N","19":"N","48":"N","24":"N","27":"N","44":"N","15":"N","29":"N"},"United States"],["Belle Chasse - Reserve Base Naval Air Station", "29.9021","-90.0306",'

Belle Chasse - Reserve Base Naval Air Station
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New Orleans - Hawthorne Aviation (Private Flights Only)
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',"Mon-Sun Open 24 hours","NEWC20",{"35":"N","36":"N","4":"N","18":"N","47":"N","43":"N","17":"N","46":"N","33":"N","52":"N","53":"Y","7":"N","55":"N","6":"Y","5":"Y","30":"N","22":"N","56":"N","1":"N","54":"N","38":"N","2":"N","16":"N","3":"N","60":"N","42":"N","39":"N","25":"N","23":"N","11":"N","51":"N","50":"N","58":"N","37":"N","10":"N","14":"Y","34":"Y","26":"N","31":"N","32":"N","8":"N","12":"N","57":"Y","28":"N","13":"N","59":"","49":"N","40":"N","41":"N","21":"N","45":"N","9":"N","20":"N","19":"N","48":"N","24":"N","27":"N","44":"N","15":"N","29":"N"},"United States"],["New Orleans - Signature Aviation", "30.0387","-89.9952",'

New Orleans - Signature Aviation
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Pickup LocationsNew Orleans

  • New Orleans- Kenner - Atlantic Aviation (Private Flights Only)

    Opening hours: Mon-Sun 6:00AM-12:00AM

    Address: 749 Lockheed Drive

    Phone: (504) 468-3675

  • New Orleans - Signature Flight Support (Private Flights Only)

    Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8:00AM-5:00PM, Sat-Sun Closed

    Address: 5801 Walter Beach Street

    Phone: (504) 246-5404

  • New Orleans - I-10 Service Road HLE

    Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8:00AM-5:00PM, Sat-Sun closed

    Address: 13040 I-10 Service Road, , New Orleans East

    Phone: 504-246-2729

  • Louis Armstrong New Orleans International

    Opening hours: Mon-Sun 6:00AM-12:00AM

    Address: 600 Rental Blvd

    Phone: (504) 468-3675

  • New Orleans - Convention Center Blvd

    Opening hours: Mon-Fri 7:30AM-6:00PM, Sat 9:00AM-12:00PM, Sun closed.

    Address: 901 Convention Center Blvd

    Phone: (504) 568-1645

  • New Orleans - Flightline First FBO (Private Flights Only)

    Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8:00AM-5:00PM, Sat-Sun closed

    Address: 6101 G Belanco Street

    Phone: (504) 246-5404

  • Belle Chasse - Reserve Base Naval Air Station

    Opening hours: Mon-Fri 7:30AM-6:00PM, Sat 9:00AM-1:00PM, Sun Closed

    Address: 400 Russell Avenue, , NAS JRB

    Phone: (504) 227-0332

  • New Orleans - Hawthorne Aviation (Private Flights Only)

    Opening hours: Mon-Sun Open 24 hours

    Address: 6401 Stars and Stripes Boulevard

    Phone: (504) 246-5404

  • New Orleans - Signature Aviation

    Opening hours: Mon-Sun 6:00AM-12:00AM

    Address: 2200 Aberdeen Street

    Phone: 504-468-3695


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Driving in and around New Orleans

New Orleans Car Rental | Hertz Rent a Car (1)

Parking in New Orleans

  • If you’re visiting the French Quarter, park at the French Market District (70116), where you’ll find 320 spaces near the market and a ten-minute walk from the Quarter.
  • Metered street parking is available across the city and can be paid for with dollar bills, card and via the Parkmobile or Parking Panda app.

Traffic in New Orleans

City traffic starts getting busy around 7am, this usually calms some time after 9am. The center is relatively busy, but drivable throughout the day. Evening rush hour begins around 3pm, starting to quieten after 7pm.

How to get from Louis Armstrong Airport to New Orleans

It’s less than a 16-mile drive from Louis Armstrong New Orleans Airport to the city center:

  1. Leave the Hertz rental facility and drive towards Rental Boulevard.
  2. Take a right onto Jerome S. Glazer Airport Access Road.
  3. Use the left lane to take the Interstate 10 E slip road towards New Orleans.
  4. Merge onto I-10 E and stay on this highway for around 11 miles.
  5. Stay left at the fork to stay on US-90 BUS W.
  6. Pass the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and take the Carondelet Street exit.
  7. Turn left onto Carondelet Street and continue to reach your destination.

Roads and freeways

Main routes in New Orleans

New Orleans has several interstate highways running through and around the city:

  • Interstate 10 (I-10) covers the entire width of the US, from Los Angeles on the west coast, through San Antonio and towards Jacksonville, Florida on the east coast.
  • Interstate 59 (I-59) connects New Orleans to neighboring Mississippi and Alabama, via Hattiesburg and Birmingham.

New Orleans to Houston

This Texan giant is around five hours’ drive away from the city. Follow I-10 W out of the center and make the 350-mile journey towards Houston.

A quick guide to New Orleans

New Orleans Car Rental | Hertz Rent a Car (2)

The best things to do in New Orleans

French Quarter

The French Quarter in New Orleans is the city’s oldest neighborhood and features many of its most iconic streets. Bourbon Street is arguably its heart, lined with packed jazz clubs, thriving restaurants and endless neon lights. The French Market is one of the Quarter’s most popular areas, welcoming over 200 vendors selling everything from artisan cocktails to baked products.

Jackson Square

Situated at the front of the French Quarter is Jackson Square – perhaps New Orleans’ most recognizable park. Overlooking the Mississippi River, it’s a popular destination for local artists looking to sell their work. The centerpiece is the statue of Andrew Jackson, a general at the Battle of New Orleans, while the impressive 18th century St. Louis Cathedral is the oldest in the US and a sight to behold.

Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Simply known as the Superdome, this unusual structure is home to the New Orleans Saints and many important sporting and cultural events throughout the year. If you’re lucky to visit during the NFL season, catch a game among 70,000-plus Saints fans and soak up the atmosphere. There are seven parking lots available for public parking that are adjacent to the stadium.

Preservation Hall

New Orleans is known across the globe for its links to jazz music. Why not experience it for yourself? Visit Preservation Hall, famous for its live performances since it opened back in 1961. Each concert, whether by resident artists or special guests, gives you an authentic flavor of New Orleans’s rich musical history and guarantees a fantastic evening out.

The best New Orleans restaurants

GW Fins

Seafood served at its best is what GW Fins is all about. They use the highest quality produce from the nearby Gulf of Mexico, as well as around the world. Try the Louisiana Yellowfin Tuna or GW Fins Original halibut, sea scallops and Royal Red shrimp risotto.

Olde Nola Cookery

If it’s surf, with a little added turf you’re looking for, Olde Nola Cookery serves up 10oz ribeye steaks, sautéed redfish, as well as New Orleans classics like crawfish etouffee, gumbo, and red beans and rice – served with Cajun sausage.

Where to stay in New Orleans

Hotel Le Marais

A boutique stay in the French Quarter, the Hotel Le Marais lets you stay where all the action is, in ultra-comfortable rooms. Each deluxe, superior and premium room offers all amenities, with the latter two offering courtyard views below.

Hotel Mazarin

Also in the heart of the French Quarter, Hotel Mazarin is just around the corner from Bourbon Street. It offers luxurious marble-floored guestrooms that are the perfect place to unwind after a fulfilling day exploring the city.

Best museums in New Orleans

The National WWII Museum

Head down to the city’s Business District to discover the US’s experience of World War Two. The museum includes exhibits that tell personal stories from those who fought in some of WWII’s most pivotal battles and countless artefacts from crucial moments in the conflict.

New Orleans Museum of Art

City Park is one of the biggest in the US, and is home to a golf course, botanical garden and the New Orleans Museum of Art. It features nearly 40,000 artworks, sculptures and photographs, all combining to create an artistic hub in New Orleans.


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